Dream Stoker Nation


 What is a Dream Stoker?

A Dream Stoker inspires themselves and others to battle for the dreams that burn like a fire in the heart.

Some have the Spark of a dream that they need to tend to and not let go out.

Others have a Fire burning in their heart that they need to stoke so that it becomes a Bonfire that provides others light and warmth to many.

That’s the journey of a fulfilled dream – Spark to Bonfire.

Dream Stoker Nation

Dream Stoker Nation is a community of people who have a dream that burns like a fire in their heart.

Dream Stoker Nation is a community of people who are in the hunt for their dreams.  www.areyouinthehunt.com

Dream Stoker Nation is a place where you can tell others about your battle for your dream. Both the victories and setbacks – the people in Dream Stoker Nation are people who are also battling for their dream and they will cheer you on!

The people in Dream Stoker Nation “Get It”.

They know the guts and tenacity that it takes to battle for a dream. They know the pain of battling for a dream and they know the heart ache of having a dream and not battling for it.

How to Join Dream Stoker Nation

Currently Dream Stoker Nation exists  as a group on Facebook. If you would like to be part of Dream Stoker Nation please click here www.facebook.com/groups/DreamStokerNation and send a request to join.


How did Dream Stoker Nation Come About?

I started talking and writing about my battle for my dream and I found that people where inspired to start batting for their dream. I get very moved by people who have a dream and who start battling for it.

Initially, I came across people in my neck of the woods, who wanted to get together to talk the dream that had been smoldering in their heart. I would meet them for a cup of coffee and do what I could to stoke their dream.


You may not know what a Soul Bag is, but someday you will! I am also aware of a number of incredible books that my follow Dream Stokers are writing!

If you are in Portland, I would be delighted put on my Dream Stoker hat and meet with you for a cup of coffee to hear about your dream and do what I can to help you battle effectively for it.

The cool thing about Social Media is that distance does not hinder encouragement. So whether you are in Portland, or LA or in Melbourne, if you have a dream that you are battling for, we can connect with each other and cheer each other on.

Dream Stoker Resources

Not only do I run the the Dream Stoker Nation group on Facebook, and the Dream Stoker Twitter feed  @DreamStoker , I also write about battling for your dream.

Currently I have nine Battle For Your Dream articles up with more on the way!  To see these article click here – www.stevenshomler.com/category/battle-for-your-dream

I am Steven Shomler and I am a Dream Stoker!

If you would like to email me about your dream you can reach me at dreamstoker@gmail.com

If you would like to easily share this article with someone, it can be found at www.DreamStokerNation.com as well as at www.stevenshomler.com 

That’s it!


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