I live life to the full. And I blog about it.

I Enjoy The Good Life. And I blog about it.

My Journey, My Perspectives, My Passions, My Projects.

That is what this blog about. Now the details.

My Journey-

I am on a westward journey to Go Enjoy The Good Life.  www.goenjoythegoodlife.com.

You are living The Good Life when you:

#1 Enjoy Life

#2 Pursue Wholerness in 7 Life Trajectory Factors and

#3 Make a Difference

Those are the 3 primary elements of The Good Life. To see all 4 Good Life Elements go to www.goodlifeelements.com

The opposite of The Good Life is The Common Life.  www.goendurethecommonlife.com

I started my blog in December 2009, and since then, I have been sharing my journey. To read about my journey before December 2009 (and to get some idea on how I got to where I am) go to the “Journey” page of my blog – www.stevenshomler.com/journey/

My Perspectives –

I regularly blog about my perspective on The Good Life and its Elements as well as other topics.

My Passions-

Part of enjoying life (Good Life Primary Element #1) is engaging in activities that feed the soul that you are, activities that restore and replenish you. Some of the activities that feed the soul that I am are Movies, Books, and Great Dining. Consequently, I regularly blog about those.


Professionally, I am working hard (and hopefully smart) to obtain significant achievement.

I am battling for my dream. Some of us are both blessed and cursed with dreams we have yet to fulfill. I occasionally blog about what it takes to Battle For Your Dream. To see more of my thoughts about this go to this page on my blog – www.stevenshomler.com/battle-for-your-dream

It is entirely possible that those two projects might someday become books.

There you go, that is what this blog is about – My Journey, My Perspectives, My Passions, and My Projects.

Steven Shomler

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