Zest and Zeal

Zest and Zeal. Oranges and Limes.

One way to tell if you are are Living The Good Life (www.golivethegoodlife.com) is to ask yourself if your daily experience is marked by zest and zeal. Dictionary.com defines zest as “hearty enjoyment” and zeal as “enthusiastic diligence.”

Do you wake up thinking or sensing or feeling that you will be facing the day with enthusiastic diligence and that you will have at least one experience of hearty enjoyment during some point of your day?

Odds are if the above does not resonate with you as your current experience, you are not enjoying the Good Life. However that can change. I myself have woken up many a day depressed and discouraged. Although those days happen to me much less than they once did.

What is it like to Go Live the Good Life?

Take a fresh orange and a fresh lime and cut each of them in half.

Then take the cut orange half in one hand and the cut lime half in the other hand.. let your eyes take in the vibrant colors. Bring them up to your face… smell the amazing fragrance that engulfs your senses.

That experience is what it is like to Go Live The Good Life.

Zest and Zeal. Oranges and Limes. Orange Zest—Lime Zeal. All part of the Go Live The Good Life brand.

I long for you to live a life marked by zest and zeal. If you are not—go live the Good Life, even if you have to Battle for the Good Life.

If you are not yet enjoying the good life, it will be a battle to get there. All positive change is a battle. Go for it, battle for it! It is worth it.

Remember; #1 Enjoy Life, #2 Pursue Wholerness#3 Make a Difference, that’s the Good Life, those three elements. Go make it happen today. Battle to make it happen. You will not regret it.

This Go Live The Good Life post was written to a special iTunes playlist I created containing two blues songs“Feelin Good” by Joe Bonamassa and “I’m Feelin’ Good” by Janiva Magness. Same song slightly different titles.

I love the ache and pain that is the blues. The honest angst that is the blues speaks to my heart. No b.s. in the blues. It’s a fun surprise to once in awhile hear a blues song that passionately expresses zest and zeal, and makes me want to go Live the Good Life! Thanks Joe! Thanks Janiva!

Steven Shomler   z/z   Zest and Zeal

This post has been about defining and understanding The Good Life with “Heart” and “Gut” language and images.

I have already defined and expressed with “head” language what it means to Go Live The Good Life — see my post –  Go Live The Good Life .

Note on Head, Heart and Gut –

Some of us relate to the world primarily with our Heads, Some of us relate to the world primarily with our Hearts, and some of us relate to the world primarily with our Guts. Have you ever heard someone say; “My head tells me” or “I think we should…,”—“My heart tells me,” or “I feel we should,”—“My gut tells me , or “I sense we should?” For more on the actual science of this check out Robert K. Cooper’s book Get Out of Your Own Way. Chapter 10 is really interesting. RobertKCooper.com .

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3 Responses to Zest and Zeal

  1. Jessica Chestnut says:

    I would like to read this book while I’m layed up in bed after surgery.

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  3. Martha says:

    Steven, I’ve looked at a few of your blogs now, am enjoying them and learning from them, and am hoping my husband will also read some of them. Thanks!

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