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Here is where you can find me -

My three websites, Facebook and Twitter.


Steven’s Good Life Blog  (The site you are on now.)

Portland Food Cart Adventures

Battle For a Great Marriage


I have a personal profile on Facebook. You are welcome to find me on Facebook and add me as a “Friend”.

I use my personal Facebook profile to share updates throughout my day, including what I am up to, what I am reading , or viewing, etc.

I really enjoy interacting with my friends and fans via Facebook, and I have found Facebook to be a great place to have brief, positive conversations and connect a little with people across the country.

My Facebook Pages

My three websites have Facebook pages of their own. If you happen to particularly enjoy one of my websites, “Liking” that website’s Facebook page will enhance your experience.

Stevens’s Good Life Blog  has a page on Facebook –

Portland Food Cart Adventures has a page on Facebook

Battle for a Great Marriage  has a page on Facebook


IF you use twitter, I have topic specific  Twitter feeds you can follow – @stevenshomler, @Gr8FoodCartsPDX , @GoGreatMarriage,

I have topic specific Twitter feeds, because I have discovered that some people only want to see tweets about Food Carts, and some people only want to see tweets about Marriage. My approach to Twitter lets you pick the content you want.


I am battling for my dream.

Some of us have a dream that both excites us and causes us ache, because that dream is not yet fulfilled. In the book of Proverbs it says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

On my @stevenshomler Twitter feed, I talk about my Battle for my Dream and post content that might help you, if you have an unfulfilled dream that you are currently battling for…Or if you have an unfulfilled dream that you need to start battling for.

On @stevenshomler, I also tweet about any Business, Sales, Leadership, or Marketing books I happen to be reading.


This Twitter feed is for my Food Cart website – Portland Food Cart Adventures


For many years, I had a Terrible Marriage. Now I have a Great Marriage. This Twitter feed is for my marriage website –

That’s it for now!

Steven Shomler

Good Life Sage

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